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Technology has become a part of our daily lives, and we depend on tech products daily for a vast portion of our lives. There is hardly a home in Bangladesh without a tech product. This is where we come in. BGD Technology BD. started as a Tech Product Shop in March 2014. We focus on giving the best customer service in Bangladesh, following our motto of “Customer Comes First.” This is why BGD Technology BD is the most trusted computer shop in Bangladesh today, capturing the loyalty of a large customer base. After a long 16-year journey, BGD Technology BD. was certified with the renowned "ISO 9001:2015 certification" as a recognition for the best Quality Control Management System. As an ISO-certified organization, BGD Technology BD. is now up to the international standards that specify a Quality Management System (QMS). This Certification denotes that the organization strictly maintains all sorts of regulatory requirements to provide customers with products and services of a global standard.

Trusted Online Shopping From Bangladesh at The Best E-Commerce Website

BGD Technology BD believes the most in customer satisfaction. To meet the surging demand for online shopping from Bangladesh, we launched our E-Commerce Website. our highly trusted online shop has been regarded as one of the best E-Commerce websites with most visits. BGD Technology BD is revolutionizing online shopping in Bangladesh, featuring a brilliant search engine that helps our valued customers find their desired products easily. We have developed the most comprehensive PC Builder App, also integrated into our online retail store. With the PC Builder, you can build your Custom PC for gaming or productivity, save the build, and get an estimated budget, wattage, and detailed performance report. Our E-Commerce platform runs a variety of campaigns and exciting deals on multiple national & international occasions.

Best Price, Product, After-sales Customer Service, & Fastest Delivery

BGD Technology BD. has taken care of its customers since the beginning. Whether a customer is purchasing or inquiring, our customers get the highest priority. We deliver the best product for the best price with extended after-sales support & the highest standard of customer service. We offer your desired product within the fastest delivery timeframe. The plan to expand our operations in other cities is already in motion.